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World Scout Seminar on Environment Education


World Scout Seminar on Environment Education

18th – 21st May 2016, Kaprálův mlýn, Czech Republic


The aim of this seminar is bringing the Scout leaders together and stimulate exchange of the ideas on environmental education and foster new working knowledge for the implementation of the World Scout Environmental Program (WSEP), strengthen the SCENES Centres and Environment Partnerships..


  • To improve and enhance the ability of NSOs to provide sustainable and comprehensive environmental education program by implementing the World Scout Environmental Program at national and local/community level.
  • Exchanging Ideas on the improvement and strengthening the SCENES Initiative, Environment Partnerships and Networks
  • To provide a learning platform for the NSOs through this Seminar, for gaining variety of experiences and share understanding of the environment education activities with each others.



If you want to participate in the conference, read the invitation letter and fill-in the attached application form. As there are approximately 7 slots for participants yet open, we still welcome applicants from countries not yet represented. We also highly appreciate your help spreading the word among fellow environmental-education-conscious scouts.


Information packs

  • Infopack no. 1 was released at the beginning of April.
  • Infopack no. 2 was released at the beginning of May.



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