Teachers´ conference, university field trip or scout camp?
WE can serve you all

Former watermill offers accommodation up to 70 persons.

The house is divided into three parts - rooms with private bathrooms, a dormitory with shared bathrooms and a clubroom, beside that there are three conference rooms and one dining room. Look at the accommodation arrangement.



Rooms with private bathrooms

8 rooms (one room is suitable for wheelchair users)
25 beds with possibility for 6 more extra beds

Price differs if you have your own sleeping bag or if you need our beddings.

Dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms

38 beds divided into 4 rooms with possibility of 6 extra mats
Price differs if you have your own sleeping bag or if you need our beddings.

Clubroom with kitchenette

separated from the rest of the house with its own entrance
clubroom up to 20 visitors with own sleeping bags and carry mats dinning room with kitchen - cooker, sink, fridge, dishes bathroom with shower, toilets and sinks

Common rooms

Besides accommodation, we offer also commons rooms ideal for conferences or presentations. Usually, they are used by group accommodated in the building, but sometimes you can rent just these common rooms. For prices see our price list.


Classroom (74,5 m²) is equipped with beamer, smartboard and fireplace. It fits for groups up to 30 persons.


Hall on the ground floor (120 m²) is equipped with beamer and smartboard. It fits for groups up to 80 persons.

Dining room

Basically serves for the catering, but it can be used also as a common/classroom for the case that you need more then 3 or the others are already occupied. The dining room is not equipped with beamer but we can offer you one if needed.

It has capacity 40 persons.


There are two campgrounds, each of them fits the different amount of campers. All the campers have drinking water access just on the campgrounds, for showers and washing the dishes there are bathrooms just next to the main building. Next to the bathrooms, there are also special lockers where campers can charge your phones. For food storage, there is a cellar with fridges. Campers can use fireplaces and they can collect dead firewood from the forests for free.
Browse through the Campsite Handbook to learn more.



12 people can comfortably sleep and carry out the program here. There are double-decker beds with mattresses. Sleeping in your own sleeping bag. Since there is no water andelectricity leading to the cabin, you can experience living with solar energy and a limited amount of drinking water. The cabin is lit by energy from batteries and solar panels, you have to bring drinking water in prepared canisters from Kaprálův mlýn. You can cook on a four-burner gas stove. The kitchen is equipped with dishes (plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery...) for 12 people. There are also dry sawdust toilets located 80m from the cabin. A shower with warm water for longer stays can be used by prior arrangement at the Kaprálův mlýn. If you get cold, you can light a fire in the fireplace. In front of the cabin there is a also fireplace and a place for tents.

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