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Part of the operation of Kaprálův mlýn is provided by a team of international volunteers. Volunteers take care of the operation and maintenance of the mill, participate in nature conservation management interventions, help with environmental programs and devote themselves to their own education, e.g. learning Czech.

During the history of Kaprálův mlýn there were already thousands of volunteers whom helped us during the reconstruction of the building and cooperate with us on many projects on conservation of protected areas.

How you can join us:

We are happy that this strong tradition can continue. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you are looking for a long-term project, you can join us via European voluntary service. If you are an individual but you don´t have enough time, you can join us as a summer volunteer. We are also offering short workcamps for groups which are camping in our campsites – like this, you can discover bit our surrounding and participate in conservation work in Moravian Karst. Finally, we are also happy to host corporate volunteers – we will be pleased if you would visit us with your colleagues and spend some time in our centre helping us in our mission.

European voluntary service

If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you are looking for a long-term project,
6-12 months, you can join us via European voluntary service.

Individual volunteer

If you are an individual but you don´t have enough time, you can join us as a summer volunteer (lenght from 2 weeks, for youth from 15 years).

Summer workcamps for groups

Summer workcamps for groups – ideal for scout. We are also offering short workcamps for groups which are camping in our campsite.

European voluntary service

Kapráluv mlýn has been a centre of non-formal volunteering activities of youth for twenty years and there were thousands hours of volunteer work invested during its reconstruction into the  Scout Environmental Education Centre.  In the autumn 2013 Kapráluv mlýn started hosting EVS volunteers with the aim of creating a stable environmental volunteer centre. We have hosted 20 volunteers through the EVS so far and we have developed a balanced activities scheme for long term volunteers which focuses on their personal development and gaining skills in the field of environmental education, nature conservation and other fields like management, work with media, crafts. In July 2015 a new straw house for volunteers was opened next to Kapráluv mlýn, which significantly add to the comfort of volunteers and enable them the experience of living in the eco-friendly house. You can see also what our volunteers do on their facebook page.

Summer workcamps for groups

Especially during summer we have several projects which are difficult to manage without help of volunteers. These works usualy concern natural reservations management – especially endangered xerothermic steppe Lysá hora ("Bold mountain") which we are protecting from ruderalization, i.e. we are conserving these habitat for endangered plants and insect species. Dictamnus albus L. endangered plant which we are helping to survive on Lysá hora.

Volunteer workcamps are about cuting the bush, removing the branches, mowing and raking and it lasts approximately 5 hours per day. Volunteers are equiped with tools and basic protection stuff. Workcamps are supervised by an english speaking supervisor who explains to the volunteers our mission and introduces them into their tasks during the workshop. According to our experience we do not work with one group for more than 3 days in a row.

Summer volunteering

Become a summer volunteer at Kaprálův mlýn

We are looking for young people who would like to work and meet people from different cultures, to explore Czech republic and share their skills to the benefit of the centre.

We would like you to
  • speak and understand English
  • volunteer at least for two weeks during the summer
  • work 35 hours/week
  • operation and development of the centre
  • work in the garden and campsite
  • help in the kitchen, cleaning
  • guests-care and info-shop duties
  • nature conservation projects
  • enjoying summer time in the community of international volunteers

We provide accommodation in the proximity of the centre and food (three times per day by the kitchen of Kaprálův mlýn).

More information and application: volunteer@kapraluvmlyn.cz

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