March 16, 2022

Safety at Kaprálův mlýn

Although the Czech Republic was hit hard by the pandemic during 2021, our scout centre has recorded no COVID-19 cases among our guests. This was achieved due to wide range of precaution measures we took in order to keep the scout centre safe from the very first wave of the pandemic.

The main advantage for the camping groups is the limited capacity of our campsites. What had been considered as the main drawback in non-Covid times and forced scout groups to book their stay a year or more in advance now turned into a advantage providing the desired level of safety.

To be specific, if the number of guests on site exceeds 150 (campsites and lodges combined), we need to ask our board of directors for special approval. The original reason for this was conservation of nature and natural appearance of our grounds.

Look at the Campsite Handbook to get the idea about camping on the site.